Halloween Costume Countdown- five days to go, SPOOKY!!

O.K. so not so spooky, I have finished the costume that I a being payed for, which will pay for MY Halloween costume.  It  is almost done as well, so is Dave’s costume.  All and all I feel like I am in good shape.  I am nervous to use Spirit Gum as I have only ever required other people (actors) to use it, and have never put it on my own face.  Also I forgot to buy Spirit Gum remover and I don’t dare go to the costume store today as it is sure to be a ZOO.  Hopefully I can get it off with out (or else I go to work on Saturday with facial hair).  Whatever.  

Today’s costume has been featured on this blog before here .  I really think it is some of my most clever work as it is comfortable and totally trans-formative.  It appropriately fits in with the my cartoony costumes and has become a sort of theme for me this year.  This costume has had a very buzzy year:

This year the costume is being rented  by a good friend of mine for her daughter- funny thing is the bee butt served as a beer holder at Burning Man so she had to stitch that back up and fix the stinger because… well like I said Buzzy year, Buzzy year.

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