Halloween Costume countdown- four days to go!!!!

Getting into the final stretch here.  Since we are in the insects vein I thought it appropriate to show you this butterfly even though I did not make it.

Again this girl TOTALLY amazes me with her creativity and ideas.  She wants me to make her a peacock costume where all of the feathers SNAP up with the pull of a cord otherwise lay gracefully like a Peacock tail… I’ll keep you posted if I have any break throughs on this.  She has been talking about that for years.  Anyways, she had a friend air brush these (six foot) wings and we stitched up her a body, of course she really wanted a round molded abdomen but I don’t do those the day before Halloween!

The little shrug that you see in the pictures that the wings are attached is a piece I use often, you can also see it in the bee costume.  Basically it is two sleeves attached at center back, very useful!! 

Looking at these pics I realize I own a left handed (like me) air brush but my husband traded his air compressor years ago so I have not tried my hand at this… maybe that is what I should ask for for my birthday!  Tangent (not halloween related)-I am also looking for a thermal fax (for screen printing) if anyone has good suggestions.

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