Summer is here…. so a girl needs a new pair of shoes or two.

Yep, I'm going gladiator on your ass.

Yep, I'm going gladiator on your ass.

So I bought these shoes… they were a splurge.  I see it kind of like a hey good work on the play present to myself.  I also needed some sandal for our big trip in July.  But it’s me so…any justification will do.  I also bought some flip flops because I know how good they are for my feet.

shoe store in Cote D'Ivoire (from a moving car)

shoe store in Cote D'Ivoire (from a moving car)


Speaking of shoes… my sister-in-law is in Cote D’Ivoire, Africa for work.  And my brother is in Argentina.  I am getting the MAJOR travel bug… and I don’t think that Colorado will scratch the itch.  I am feeling some anxiety due to this- kinda trapped- although I know I am not really.  I am hoping the Gates Foundation opens up a job for a highly trained costume designer deep in Africa somewhere, for a job that will save the planet (ahhhhh!)

Solstice Update: MacBeth 2009

So doing this play was an extreme amount of work but so invigorating and inspiring.  There is just something magical to seeing a play build from concept to stage.  I just really love being in the theater, but know that it can also lead to burn out real quick.

MacBeth… yep I said it, is a really deep and dark play but mystical and alluring none the least.  Theses actor are all really amazing right down to little Issac (MacDuff’s son),  it was great to glimpse in on there process and have that inform what I ultimately do- the shirt has to be able to move with the broad sword or the shirt will shred- not the sword. 

Good lessons were to be found at every turn.  For instance: Lists are essential to this process- the couple of times that something did not  make it on the list it was forgotten (much to the frustration of the actor/ director).  Another beautiful lesson to learn early: teeny- tiny-micro budget= lot of thrift store time.  The cheapest white fabric you can find is sheeting at the thrift store on a 1/2 off day and women pleated skirts make great kilts (much to the dismay for my male actors :)).

All in all a great experience!!

If you are in the Seattle area and want to see the show (one weekend left!) click here for more info.

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