Cheers to a new dress!

Cheers to a new dress!

Here is another new dress hot off the presses!  It is a new McCall’s pattern, #M5701.   It O.K.  It’s not super-duper great but not bad… my favorite part is the back:
I really like the fabric even though it is a poly/ rayon blend. 
Lots of sewing ahead because I am trying to finish up an outfit for the State of Washington’s annual “make it in Wool” contest.  I don’t know though… I already think that my plaid matching is just imperfect enough that I should not even complete.  I love the jacket though (imperfect or not)… it has a silk linning with little skulls on it!
Also Halloween is a-coming and boy do I have some work cut out for me… stay tunned.

Checkin’ it off!!

through my eyes...

through my eyes...

I am checking things off my list.  It feels good to be checking things off a list even when you know that the list is infinite.  Some how it means that I am making progress in something… what ever that could be.

I listed some stuff on etsy.  You can find it here.  It is about the time to start thinking about Christmas presents, so I had to get some stockings on Etsy.

I posted a whole set of Burning Man pictures  on flickr. This actually took more time then anticipated so I am not going to add the same gallery here just the link.  I also researched the camp behind the black light performance piece I talked about earlier.  The piece is called Chorus of Dreams and it the collaborative of Arche Dreams for Mankind and Eric “E O” Oberthaler, a San Francisco “visionary” and composer.  BRAVO! BRAVO!

Check and check!

New silk dress I made for the summer/fall transition

Cute Silk Dress1

Cute Silk Dress1

Since Seattle prolly has like ten good sunny day (if we’re lucky) I have had a hankering to make fall clothes.  This dress was started before I was going to Burning Man and I finished it today.  It is great with boots or sandals, worn by it’s self or with a sweater.  That why its transitional.  It is a brown silk charmeuse with a sun flower-esque print.  Ahhhh, silk charmeuse- feel like your are wearing silk pajamas all day long.  The dress is a model garment for the shop so I won’t be able to wear it for a month while it is on display… but I got all fabric and notions for free.  A free silk dress is a definate perk of the job for an addict like me.

This pattern, Vogue 8469, is a great pattern, I really like how easy it went together.  The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t quite have enough boobs to fit perfectly into the size 10.  I fit exact everywhere else.  I have to wear most illusionary bra to make it look right.  I think that when I get it back from display I will try to steam the butt-u-ty out of it and see if I cannot shrink it a bit.

Oh Yeah, we bough a Westifalia Vanagon… three days before our trip.   He is a real champion, and his name is Kurt Vanagon.  Here is a man and his bus:

dave and kurt dreamin' of adventures

dave and kurt dreamin

Burning Man 2008

So… another year where I am fortunate enough to go to Burning Man.  Like snowboarding, Burning Man is an Elitist sport that I am quite fond of (like a crack addict), yet don’t always have the means to do it as much as I would like.  I am very appreciative for things falling into line so quickly in 2008, but also know that we work hard for things like this event on short notice to be possible.  I met several people who were hitting Burning Man after a big trance music (not my fav) party in Portugal called Boom.  Do these people work???

What is it about Burning Man, you ask?  The most INSANE mixture of creativity, survivalism, obscurity, camaraderie, and celebration in the middle of a landscape where even bugs do not normally survive.  In complete sobriety, it is so surreal that it makes even the most seasoned burner trip out!  I love the Playa, the people, the art, the whiteouts, the fire, the pulse of sound all the time, gate-road lines, all of it.  It is all a great experiment with the human condition and with the idea of community.

As I personally decompress from 2008 there are some things that are marinating in my mind.  First off- no piece of are really made me numb and dumbfounded, like this or this.  Was the Tower of Babylon really even art- union crew built (no DPW), ten story,  steel structures for multipurpose are popping up all over Seattle and no one is calling them art.  Was it inspired by or commentary on “the American Dream” which was the theme of this year’s burn?  Its just that… there was all that space and all that “blank canvas” that could be seen from just about any point in Black Rock City and all that displayed was an American Flag.  I was most impressed by some of the performance art that I experienced this year.  Saw the circus (Red Nose District), some Modern Ballet, a couple of great bands, and an incredible modern dance piece done under black lights which helped to set up a stage full of illusion and a world that was totally engrossing.  If any one knows the troupe that I am talking about I would love to know more about them.

The sea of massive RV’s that has been growing and growing from year to year finally fit into the theme this year as symbols of the American Dream.  I wonder if the abundance of RVs help to keep the porta potties the cleanest and most mantained of any burn I have been to (six burns total). 

Picking up and going sponaneously proved to be LOTS of work for me and Dave.  There seemed to be less time for the lounging around that we like to do on vacation.  It was go-go-go.  Now I am tired and want to be lazy even though that is not the right frame of mind.