The newest member of my Bee-Zerk world.


Soooo, in 2006 I made myself a “Booty Ass Bee” costume for Halloween…and with the fantasy of riding my bike through Black Rock City (burning man) in my Bee Booty bloomers.  Alas, I did not make it to B- man last year, prolly won’t make it this year so it remains a fantasy.  In the mean time the Bee theme seems to bee very prominent in my life in the last few months.  It starts with the fact that I got in on the FREE Haagen-Dazs save the bees campaign.  The good people down there literally Two-Day aired me four pints o’ ice cream, some small ice cream bars, and bee promoting flower seeds over dry ice.  It was sweet as honey! 

Next, my day job decides to do a Bee themed window inspired (loosely) by a Selvage Magazine picture of some crafty birds.  We all made our own collage of a bees (from stuff from the shop).  I dressed a mannequin in my costume with a cartoon dialogue bubble that’s says “save the bees” and hung all the bees around.  I honey maker was so pleased with our window that he brought us honey from about two blocks away… Queen Anne honey, sweet!

Then my mother recently gave me some Creative Doll books from the by Patti Culea , so of course this mashed with the bee inspiration just catapulted me over the deep end of Doll/Bee world.  Now I have a stuffed Bumble Bee from the window as well as the costume and introducing. . .

Bee-a-trice a doll that I am finishing up.  She is eighteen inches of pure, sweet, honey if I do say so myself.   She is 100% cloth doll with wire armature and needle sculpted face.  She still needs wings… and jewlery… and maybe some nail polish.


This is all quite a lot of bee paraphernalia for someone screams running like a five- year- old when ever I see one of the little suckers!

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