Halloween 2010- going to be awesome!

I am almost done with the Halloween costumes for this year and I am SUPER excited.  This year is right up there with my bumble bee costume,  my sea creature costume and, well, tweedle dee and dum from last year.  It is my husbands costume that has been my mind bender, but I think I figured it out now… stay tuned.




Halloween 2009- Par-O-Tweedles in Wonderland

WOW…. can’t believe it has been over a month since posting…. I guess I have been busy.  Saturday we won a couple of prizes for our creativity.  Here is how we spent Halloween 2009:

I build the tweedle bodies out of foam and hula hoops.  The shirt is just a Kwik Sew 2272, a shirt pattern  that is out of print I use all the time for Dave, my husband (and a really good sport).  I just expanded from the under arm to fit the 90″ circumference of the hula hoop.  I bought sheets at the thrift store for the shirts cause it was going to take six yards and I also bought shoes from the thrift store to paint because it was the cheapest way to go on both accounts.  Foam is expensive so luckily I found a piece in the closest at our office that Dave said I could use ( I still had to buy 1 yard).    The hats I blocked buckram for and built the propeller out of hat wire.  Then I just kept on decorating until we had to put them on for Halloween.  My friend Hannah made her Alice costume under my supervision and she was super excited and impressed with herself when she was done.  We had a tea party  in the afternoon (I could not resist showing up at my favorite tea spot The Tea Cup in costume, and then went out and ate dinner and entered some  Halloween contests that night.  We won two different gift certificats that basically pay for the costumes.  It was awesome!!

The night before I went out and saw some of my costumes in action at a Kiss Tribute concert.  They to were AWESOME!!

Costume Showers currently predicted.

Wow, it has really been a while since my last post (sorry Mom).  I have been really busy with OPP (other people’s projects).  Usually I don’t post this stuff because, well, because it is their stuff, they payed for it, I just figure it is not mine to post.  Most of the time it is to boring to care…. Alterations AAAaaagggg!  

Today I am breaking all the rules.  Mainly because I am working on some really fun stuff.   This is the “Catch Me If You Can” Pan Am 1964 Flight Attendant costume I am building for a commercial.  It is fitting that the Musical opened closed here in Seattle at the Fifth Avenue Theater and is heading to New York .

This is the "Catch Me If You Can" Pan Am 1964 Flight Attendant costume I am building for a comercial.

Perfect, Prim, and properly at your service... until Title VIII.

Complete with pill box hat!

Complete with pill box hat!

I am also building parts of a whole KISS look a like band.  Here is Paul Stanley’s 1975 feather choker:

Pictured in F.

Pictured in F.

Here is the beginning of what I am building:

Rock Me All Night Long!

Rock Me All Night Long!

 SO as you can see it is raining costumes for me and I can only expect more as we move in to Costume Monsoon Season… so stay tuned.

Halloween Costume countdown- Wrap Up

O.K. so this is really late but I just got completely overwhelmed.  Here is a montage of my costumes of 2008.

Halloween Costume countdown- three days to go!

This costume started with a mask that I friend brought me from Venice, Italy.  It was a blank Zanni mask (commedia del’ arte).  I already have a decorated Zanni mask that I brought home myself and the problem with wearing the for Halloween is that you are a mute… you have no mouth.  Now since I like to get my drink on on Halloween this does not work.  So for this costume I decided to cut away the mouth… totally ruining the Zanni archetype.   I always wanted to do a flapper costume for myself but I had a hard time deciding what to do with it but after I finished the mask, then my pallet was set and the rest just flew together.

The trimming on the dress is all from my day job.  Oh, except that I found the cool feather brooch (at the waist) at a rummage sale and the lace inset I pillaged off a thrift store dress.  The skirt is composed of squares of fabric that are suspended by one corner all layered up.

Halloween Costume countdown- four days to go!!!!

Getting into the final stretch here.  Since we are in the insects vein I thought it appropriate to show you this butterfly even though I did not make it.

Again this girl TOTALLY amazes me with her creativity and ideas.  She wants me to make her a peacock costume where all of the feathers SNAP up with the pull of a cord otherwise lay gracefully like a Peacock tail… I’ll keep you posted if I have any break throughs on this.  She has been talking about that for years.  Anyways, she had a friend air brush these (six foot) wings and we stitched up her a body, of course she really wanted a round molded abdomen but I don’t do those the day before Halloween!

The little shrug that you see in the pictures that the wings are attached is a piece I use often, you can also see it in the bee costume.  Basically it is two sleeves attached at center back, very useful!! 

Looking at these pics I realize I own a left handed (like me) air brush but my husband traded his air compressor years ago so I have not tried my hand at this… maybe that is what I should ask for for my birthday!  Tangent (not halloween related)-I am also looking for a thermal fax (for screen printing) if anyone has good suggestions.

Halloween Costume Countdown- five days to go, SPOOKY!!

O.K. so not so spooky, I have finished the costume that I a being payed for, which will pay for MY Halloween costume.  It  is almost done as well, so is Dave’s costume.  All and all I feel like I am in good shape.  I am nervous to use Spirit Gum as I have only ever required other people (actors) to use it, and have never put it on my own face.  Also I forgot to buy Spirit Gum remover and I don’t dare go to the costume store today as it is sure to be a ZOO.  Hopefully I can get it off with out (or else I go to work on Saturday with facial hair).  Whatever.  

Today’s costume has been featured on this blog before here .  I really think it is some of my most clever work as it is comfortable and totally trans-formative.  It appropriately fits in with the my cartoony costumes and has become a sort of theme for me this year.  This costume has had a very buzzy year:

This year the costume is being rented  by a good friend of mine for her daughter- funny thing is the bee butt served as a beer holder at Burning Man so she had to stitch that back up and fix the stinger because… well like I said Buzzy year, Buzzy year.

Halloween Costume countdown- five days to go


Since we did a hugely bankable cartoon yesterday I though we would do a hugely bankable comic today.  Bat Man and Robin.  This costume works best if the female is short- sorry I mean petite with short hair so that she look more like the the robin sidekick character.

I DID NOT make this set of costumes it was rented from Champions.  They knew that I go big for Halloween so they went all out too.  My favorite part is the Bat Man Briefs.  Next year I should cut my hair and make more muscle suits and me and Dave should go as super heroes… is that too Comicon-y??

Halloween Costume countdown- six days to go

Since we talked about the pattern (McCalls 8953) being the only adult animal costume I wanted to say a few more things.  First, I had to elongate it for a 6’3″ frame and second, I always extend the neck down (on the hood) another couple of inches so there is a good over lap.  I attach the hood with snaps so it is removable because if the hood hangs it can be kinda choking depending on how much weight the hood has on it.  If there is wired ears, EL wire and the battery packs then it could weigh five pounds or so and it pulls the whole costume up and back in the front.  Sorry, I am all geeked out on it right now, I’ll stop.  Anyways here is another time that I used the animal costume:

Yep, take a look at coat, thats where your going puppy!!

Yep, take a look at coat, that's where your going puppy!!


I think there enough to do a full length coat here!!

I think there's enough to do a full length coat here!!

Again like I said before WE ARE TOTAL GOOFBALLS and love it.  I wanted to roll into Neighbourswith both boys on the leash, but the boys were not convinced that was the best idea.  Oh, I also mutilated a Disney stuffed Dalmation to use as a purse- unstuffed it, added a closure, and Xed out the eye- it was morbid and yet so satisfying.