Random (i mean random) ramblings


So… yesterday my father turned himself in to the Sheraton Federal Prison to serve a fourteen- month sentence for tax evasion/ identity theft.  See, in order to keep the tax evasion going, he committed  the identity theft (which has a mandatory minimum).  Can I just say that it is hard to see someone that you looked up to your whole life, a person who taught you life lessons, go to prison.  Not only that but he was really scared when I talked to him on the phone last night.  It is hard to hear your father reduced to scared, humbled prisoner… no matter what he did.




In other rantings… my husband Dave picked out The L Word as the next series for us to NetFlix.  O.K.  Hummm.  He must be having lesbian fantasies.  Before we even started watching it I was skeptical of motive.  So we start watching- me, Dave, and Dave’s friend Terry.  The series is good, I can relate on the pure fact that I am a woman.  I do also find myself having like a girl crush (Dave’s fault!) on the Shane character (Kate Moennig), which, I find out, is not that uncommon, seems like lot o’ women in general can’t get enough of her both gay and straight (and whoa… there are some psycos).  Hey, what can I say she is slick and sexily androgynous… yeah sexily.  While the drama is heating up on the little screen, the boys are where the real sitcom kicks in.  Terry asks me every night we sit down to watch which one of the girls I would like to date?, or find pretty?, or think is cute?  Same question just different words.  I mean WHAT THE FUCK???  And every time there is a sex scene he get all squirmy and fidgety(pretty much trying to keep it in his pants).   And Dave, my loving husband, has announced (twice) that it would be O.K. if I had a lesbian relationship.  He would be fine with it.  Is he smoking crack??  Like that would be any less adulterous then relations with a man.  And then when I talk about him with a man, he is totally convinced it will never happen… winces at the thought.  It’s a real eye opener like a Kensey experiment right here in my own living room. 

So Ms. Moennig, if you are interested, seems as if I have a get out of adultery free card LOL!

Diamond in the rough.

I love getting free clothes.  I don’t care  if they are dated, old, dirty (well, there is a limit), I get a rush digging through unwanted clothing souls looking for that one piece that will add some kind something to my wardrobe… for free.  This also gets me into lots o’ trouble with the space to keep all the thing I find with potential…. O.K. O.K. I might be a clothes hoarder.  BUT sometimes it pays off, and yesterday was one of those days.  I set up my husband professional light equipment and cracked open my “could have potential closet” determined to sell off some of the stuff that has resided in this closet for way to long.  I was having a bad ass photo shoot with myself, when I came across THE GEM!  This awesome vintage Italian (“de Roma”) suit complete with belt.  The label says Gibi ???    The skirt is hand hemmed and lined, the jacket is a Nehru cut out of a knited tweed with chunky plastic buttons.   About three years ago a co-worker gave me some of her “pieces that would never fit again”  and of course this suit went right from her closet to mine, I did not really see it as something I could wear but more something I could sell.  Well, yesterday when I put it on I realized that I absolutely cannot sell this suit- I need to wear it.  In fact, I am going to wear it tomorrow, when Lorraine (my co-worker) is working- she get a kick out of it.