Diamond in the rough.

I love getting free clothes.  I don’t care  if they are dated, old, dirty (well, there is a limit), I get a rush digging through unwanted clothing souls looking for that one piece that will add some kind something to my wardrobe… for free.  This also gets me into lots o’ trouble with the space to keep all the thing I find with potential…. O.K. O.K. I might be a clothes hoarder.  BUT sometimes it pays off, and yesterday was one of those days.  I set up my husband professional light equipment and cracked open my “could have potential closet” determined to sell off some of the stuff that has resided in this closet for way to long.  I was having a bad ass photo shoot with myself, when I came across THE GEM!  This awesome vintage Italian (“de Roma”) suit complete with belt.  The label says Gibi ???    The skirt is hand hemmed and lined, the jacket is a Nehru cut out of a knited tweed with chunky plastic buttons.   About three years ago a co-worker gave me some of her “pieces that would never fit again”  and of course this suit went right from her closet to mine, I did not really see it as something I could wear but more something I could sell.  Well, yesterday when I put it on I realized that I absolutely cannot sell this suit- I need to wear it.  In fact, I am going to wear it tomorrow, when Lorraine (my co-worker) is working- she get a kick out of it.

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