Twilight Zone 2011

Fear for your lives!!

The play I am designing costumes for, “The Twilight Zone”, opens next Thursday Night.  If you are in the Seattle area you should definitely come check it out.  The show run March 18-April 16, 2011- Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm.  This years episodes are as folllows:

The Obsolete Man

Time Enough at Last

The Mosters are due on Maple Street


Don’t be shy…You are sure to see aliens and have nightmares!!

WOW…. has it really been since November?

So obviously I have been ignoring this here blog.  Soooo Sorry!

Here is what has been taking precedence:

I have been teaching a design, sew and embellish class for middle school students.  We have been doing lots of sewinging.  I will also be having a workshop for “Nick Cave inspired” art in conjunction with an exhibit of his work at the SAM called “Meet Me at the Center of the Earth”.  I am really excited about this and have become quite a fan of Nick Caves work and those of you who know me can probably see why:

I will keep you posted on how our own Soundsuit inspired art goes.  One of these days I will actually take pictures of my class and how much fun we have for you as well!!

I have also been sewing:

I made this dress by quilting recycled leather,  recycled wool and silk for the bodice with silk organza skirt.  There is a fully boned corset inside and a heavy exposed zipper down the back.

I am also costuming a play for Theater Schmeater here in Seattle.  It is The Twilight Zone 2011.  I am really getting my Mad Men fix off of this one.  It opens on March 18th and it is sure to be a fun time!!  We are doing three episodes:

The Obsolete Man

Time Enough At Last

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

And it is going to be done pretty much to that late ’50s early ’60 feel even for Obsolete Man which is set in the future.

Stay Tuned!!

Shamless plug for Dave.

So my husband recently got his real estate license. . . so there is another pot on his stove!

He also built himself a website, I think it’s a super sweet site and I hope you will think so too.

I have learned a lot about real estate throughout his whole process and I might feel that owning a house is not as far off as I thought it was!

My first quilt.

Mom's Birthday Quilt- Happy 60th birthday.

So this is the quilt I made for my mother for her 60th birthday.  I got the batik panels from this booth at the Sewing Expo.  The backing is this AMAZING Italian shirting cotton.  I learned most of the techniques off the internet.  I really love freezer paper after doing this quilt because it can be used in so many way in sewing.  With this quilt all of the circular applique around the characters I did using freezer paper and the six minute circle applique.  My next experiment with freezer paper is going to be printing fabric with my printer… I will keep you posted.  Does anyone have any tips??

My mom was here over the Memorial Day holiday and we went camping at Cama Beach on Camano Island, WA.  It was nice and relaxing and it did not even rain that much!

cama beach cabin camping

sittin on top of the world!

Strike a pose.

In the beginning of March I was in a fashion show for (one of) my alma maters, The Art Institute of Seattle.  It was fun, I was the oldest model but most were all just as insecure as I am so it was fine.  I really like stepping out of my comfort zone (Tom Boy) some times as this is a a real good dose of that.  Here, here, here and here are some pics.  The pics are from two different show on the same day (my hair is different).  And on that dress with the heart I wore it backward the first time.  Not my fault- they took fitting pictures of me in it backwards and I wore it the exact same as in the picture. Hee- Hee!!

This morning I was on the King 5 morning show New Day Northwest modeling one outfit.

WELL- apparently I cannot embed the flash clip of this appearance because WORDPRESS won’t let you!!!! Hmmmm…. so just click on the link.

Regretsy…. so funny you will pee!

Me and my husband just coambed over pretty much every post on this site.  I cannot BELIEVE that people really are selling this stuff!!  Here are some of our favs:

The WHOLE dead thing section (especially the last couple).

Kernel of truth

Lip service

Cut the cord

Words cannot describe…. you just have to see it to believe it!!

Proceed with caution.

Costume Showers currently predicted.

Wow, it has really been a while since my last post (sorry Mom).  I have been really busy with OPP (other people’s projects).  Usually I don’t post this stuff because, well, because it is their stuff, they payed for it, I just figure it is not mine to post.  Most of the time it is to boring to care…. Alterations AAAaaagggg!  

Today I am breaking all the rules.  Mainly because I am working on some really fun stuff.   This is the “Catch Me If You Can” Pan Am 1964 Flight Attendant costume I am building for a commercial.  It is fitting that the Musical opened closed here in Seattle at the Fifth Avenue Theater and is heading to New York .

This is the "Catch Me If You Can" Pan Am 1964 Flight Attendant costume I am building for a comercial.

Perfect, Prim, and properly at your service... until Title VIII.

Complete with pill box hat!

Complete with pill box hat!

I am also building parts of a whole KISS look a like band.  Here is Paul Stanley’s 1975 feather choker:

Pictured in F.

Pictured in F.

Here is the beginning of what I am building:

Rock Me All Night Long!

Rock Me All Night Long!

 SO as you can see it is raining costumes for me and I can only expect more as we move in to Costume Monsoon Season… so stay tuned.

Solstice Update: MacBeth 2009

So doing this play was an extreme amount of work but so invigorating and inspiring.  There is just something magical to seeing a play build from concept to stage.  I just really love being in the theater, but know that it can also lead to burn out real quick.

MacBeth… yep I said it, is a really deep and dark play but mystical and alluring none the least.  Theses actor are all really amazing right down to little Issac (MacDuff’s son),  it was great to glimpse in on there process and have that inform what I ultimately do- the shirt has to be able to move with the broad sword or the shirt will shred- not the sword. 

Good lessons were to be found at every turn.  For instance: Lists are essential to this process- the couple of times that something did not  make it on the list it was forgotten (much to the frustration of the actor/ director).  Another beautiful lesson to learn early: teeny- tiny-micro budget= lot of thrift store time.  The cheapest white fabric you can find is sheeting at the thrift store on a 1/2 off day and women pleated skirts make great kilts (much to the dismay for my male actors :)).

All in all a great experience!!

If you are in the Seattle area and want to see the show (one weekend left!) click here for more info.

Jay Chen Photography –

Dude…. I just won a $3500 dollar sewing machine!!!!

Yes... I am fully addicted.

Yes... I am fully addicted.

O. K. so every year Nancy’s (my day job) goes to the Puyallup Sew Expo put on by Washington State University and held on the Washington State Fair Grounds.  We are a vendor and we sell off lots of fabric… mostly stuff that is on sale.  It is the biggest Sew Expo in the country.   It is definitely not my crowd, but it is different then my usual work day so I like to go.  I call it the SEA of quilted vest with to much shit tacked on the surface, mullets, and sparkle pins declaring “I love to sew”…. yes gross but good for people gawking.  I just wish I could turn off the flash on my camera phone so I could inconspicuously post some prime examples here but I am technically deficient. 

There are a few vendors that I look forward to see.  Pendleton brings out there wools.  I don’t do southwestern themed blankets but their plaid are freakin’ amazing and good price.  For the first time EVER I saw an Eco- friendly Eco Wise wool that was actually Cradle to Cradle CERTIFIED.  I have read a lot about this type of sustainability certification but had never come across a piece of cloth that measured up to the standard (I have a whole blog planned for this topic but need to do some more research.) Very well done Pendleton!! 

I also get drawn into The Wool House from Toronto.  They are A) really good sales men and B) have amazing cashmere.  Point made.

I also like Vouge Fabrics from Chicago…. but I did not buy anything from them this year:(


on Sunday ’bout 4:30 I get a call that I don’t recognize so it goes to voice mail and about 10 minutes later I check the message.  “Well hello Angela, this is your lucky day.  You just won the Sew Expo Door Prize- A Brother Sewing Machine….” I really don’t hear anything past that as I turn to a co-worker and scream, “I just won the door prize.”  I race over to the Door Prize booth to discover that I freakin’ WON a $3500.00 dollar Brother sewing machine donated by Quality Sewing and Vacuum.  I cannot fully believe it…. holly sh–molly!   It is the brand new Porsche my world.

Will someone just pinch me!

Will someone just pinch me!