SteamCon 2010- I am not a convention virgin any longer

So before we get to SteamCon, mom wants  to see Halloween Pictures.  So drum roll please:

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So this last weekend I attended SteamCon 2010 a convention for Victorian Science Fiction and all things that revolve around this concept from clothing to l.a.r.p. ing* and all thing between.  I went to model in a fashion show for the afternoon tea party, for Tamara Lily and Marie Cooley .  Here is my analysis:

1. us geeks are freaks. 2. really awesome costumes. 3. geeks know how to party… all night long (I think, I went to bed).  4. REALLY AWESOME COSTUMES!

This is what I made for my self to wear. The jacket is an actual Edwardian jacket I just hand stitch some steampunk trinkets to.

Here is AnamoAng the Victorian Cyborg's cheast plate. All recycle leather.

I was in the fashion show both days so did not have a huge amount of time to run around but the Art Exhibit was cool and Mercantile gave me tons of ideas a churnin’.

Here is the reel from the fashion show on FLICKR.

*live action roll play

Shamless plug for Dave.

So my husband recently got his real estate license. . . so there is another pot on his stove!

He also built himself a website, I think it’s a super sweet site and I hope you will think so too.

I have learned a lot about real estate throughout his whole process and I might feel that owning a house is not as far off as I thought it was!

Halloween 2009- Par-O-Tweedles in Wonderland

WOW…. can’t believe it has been over a month since posting…. I guess I have been busy.  Saturday we won a couple of prizes for our creativity.  Here is how we spent Halloween 2009:

I build the tweedle bodies out of foam and hula hoops.  The shirt is just a Kwik Sew 2272, a shirt pattern  that is out of print I use all the time for Dave, my husband (and a really good sport).  I just expanded from the under arm to fit the 90″ circumference of the hula hoop.  I bought sheets at the thrift store for the shirts cause it was going to take six yards and I also bought shoes from the thrift store to paint because it was the cheapest way to go on both accounts.  Foam is expensive so luckily I found a piece in the closest at our office that Dave said I could use ( I still had to buy 1 yard).    The hats I blocked buckram for and built the propeller out of hat wire.  Then I just kept on decorating until we had to put them on for Halloween.  My friend Hannah made her Alice costume under my supervision and she was super excited and impressed with herself when she was done.  We had a tea party  in the afternoon (I could not resist showing up at my favorite tea spot The Tea Cup in costume, and then went out and ate dinner and entered some  Halloween contests that night.  We won two different gift certificats that basically pay for the costumes.  It was awesome!!

The night before I went out and saw some of my costumes in action at a Kiss Tribute concert.  They to were AWESOME!!

Regretsy…. so funny you will pee!

Me and my husband just coambed over pretty much every post on this site.  I cannot BELIEVE that people really are selling this stuff!!  Here are some of our favs:

The WHOLE dead thing section (especially the last couple).

Kernel of truth

Lip service

Cut the cord

Words cannot describe…. you just have to see it to believe it!!

Proceed with caution.

Things I love, things I hate, and things I am guilty of.

petit papillon!

petit papillon!

First…. Butterflies.  We went to the Pacific Science Center couple of weeks back to see the 3D Under the Sea.  So we had to go to the Butterfly room!  It is the first time that I had been in the room (even though I live like six blocks away) and it is really amazing. 


So before my father “went in” we got to have the holiday season.  We send him hand made things (half-finished) and stuff with fish on it and he send us gift cards to Nordstroms.  So I bought these shoes a couple weeks back… and I love them:

My new kicks!

My new kicks!

They are Japanese Onitsuka Tiger designed for Asics- Japanese street clothing is something I have been inspired by recently.  I have a dress for etsy that is what I call “cavity driven”, meaning lots of pink, ruffles, and lace.  I don’t wear this kind of thing but I have a lot of fun designing it.  It is not done yet… but soon.  The shoes are just another way of expressing this inspiration.  Thanks Dad. 


Here is a before shot of the "photo studio", stay tuned for the after.

Here is a before shot of the "photo studio", stay tuned for the after.

I really want to start silk screening… I hate when I get new tools (like the silk screening kit I got for X-mas) and don’t use them.  I was all motivated on the 26th of December until I got to the part about needing a completely dark room… I just could not get over that hump (no space for that).  So this last week, me and Dave started to convert part of our office space into a photo studio, and one of our storage closes into a dark room.  At least now I feel like I am getting closer to PHOTO EMULSION takeoff! Exciting steps in the right direction.

And finally, I am guilty of buying the fabric I said that I did not buy… should not of bought… but could not resist.  Hello, my name is Angela and I am addicted to fabric.

…a few of my favorite things- a fashion declaration.

So I am getting all excited about selling on Etsy and realize that I would like to take my blog more in a fashion direction.  In theory (or maybe fantasy)I feel like Esty allows the rouge designer (me) to basically to buy 6-10 yards of fabric that I like, make something to fit me or friends, take photos (which have also fallin’ into place magically), and then sell the design built to order based on a basic set of measurements from the customer.  THIS COULD BE GLOBALIZATION CHANGING, PEOPLE.  Which give me hope for fashion and sustainablity.

In order to celebrate this more fashionable direction I will try taking, I am composing a list of a few of my favorite fashion things… for the week:


Look mom, I'm in my knickers!

Look mom, I'm in my knickers!

#1~I love long underwear in the winter time.  Here is a pair that I made (and am selling on Etsy).  The thing that I like about long underwear it that they fit well in to my layering style.  They are a great alternative to tights and leggings and a little less lady- like.  Lady- like never made it into the history books, pansy ass!  I own long undies in a variety of fiber mixes- these are cotton, I LOVE silk long undies but they never come in fun prints (hint hint REI) so they mostly come out for snowboarding and if I am really channelling Grunge (silk and grunge… oh, yes I did).


Alishan (sp?) oolong from Taiwan- "the good stuff"

Alishan (sp?) oolong from Taiwan- "the good stuff"


#2~I love Green Tea.  I drink it every day and usually more then one cup.  THIS IS fashion related because this and the Sandusky Massage (scroll down) are the closest this I really get to in Beauty Treatments.  I could get all geeked out on tea and describe why some times I like a dark roast ti kuan yin (not green) over a sencha or how I really binge out on Pheonix Dragon Pearl but your eye would glaze so I will spare you.

I touch myself, I want you to touch me.

hand-made in september.



I made this skirt years ago, both shirts and slip are second hand.

I made this skirt years ago, both shirts and slip are second hand.

#3~I have been enjoying throwing snap shots of my everyday style on a Flickr group called wardrobe remix.  Here are some of my ‘fits over the last few months and here is my photo stream.

Yummy red lace

Yummy red lace

#4~This piece of lace has kept me quite tickled over the last week.   It is a vintage piece that I picked up at work.  I finally committed to putting on a skirt and a dress that I will be selling on Esty in a couple of weeks.



#5~I heart welcoming people to the crack like addiction to sewing.  I love when one of my good friends wants to sew something…. especially when that thing is recycling some of there old clothes it to new clothes.  Recycling is very hot and sexy fashion, don’cha know.  This is my friend Hannah at my house making a pair of jeans into a skirt.

I'm too sexy for this song.

I'm too sexy for this song.

#6~I love hand me down (a.k.a. free) designer clothing paired with half price  skinny jeans.  This is a Michael Kors blazer and Moto jeans.  I usually don’t like Michael Kors- to prim, pampered, snotty, proper for my tastes.  But free is a real good price and I definitely worked this Blazer right into my style.

my best corpse face.

my best corpse face.

#7~THE Sandusky Massage- This woman (Terri Sandusky) is in such high demand that The Wall Street Journal did an article on her…. and I love trading for massage.  I have never had any other professional massage so I don’t really know what you payed for but this shit it PURE heaven.  I would give you her digits but then I would have to kill you (I gave you her name what more could you want from me).

the dead animal on my head.

the dead animal on my head.

#8~And I love my beloved thrift store hat.  It goes every wear with me.  Yes, that is real fur, and I usually get all wigged out but I have come to love and appreciate the way that this hat has weathered many a storm with me.  I don’t think that faux fur would have made it through the rough and tumble.  It is like my comfort blanket with built in ear muffs that you can just throw your ear buds in and roll.



Stay tuned for more…. or don’t whateves!

Random (i mean random) ramblings


So… yesterday my father turned himself in to the Sheraton Federal Prison to serve a fourteen- month sentence for tax evasion/ identity theft.  See, in order to keep the tax evasion going, he committed  the identity theft (which has a mandatory minimum).  Can I just say that it is hard to see someone that you looked up to your whole life, a person who taught you life lessons, go to prison.  Not only that but he was really scared when I talked to him on the phone last night.  It is hard to hear your father reduced to scared, humbled prisoner… no matter what he did.




In other rantings… my husband Dave picked out The L Word as the next series for us to NetFlix.  O.K.  Hummm.  He must be having lesbian fantasies.  Before we even started watching it I was skeptical of motive.  So we start watching- me, Dave, and Dave’s friend Terry.  The series is good, I can relate on the pure fact that I am a woman.  I do also find myself having like a girl crush (Dave’s fault!) on the Shane character (Kate Moennig), which, I find out, is not that uncommon, seems like lot o’ women in general can’t get enough of her both gay and straight (and whoa… there are some psycos).  Hey, what can I say she is slick and sexily androgynous… yeah sexily.  While the drama is heating up on the little screen, the boys are where the real sitcom kicks in.  Terry asks me every night we sit down to watch which one of the girls I would like to date?, or find pretty?, or think is cute?  Same question just different words.  I mean WHAT THE FUCK???  And every time there is a sex scene he get all squirmy and fidgety(pretty much trying to keep it in his pants).   And Dave, my loving husband, has announced (twice) that it would be O.K. if I had a lesbian relationship.  He would be fine with it.  Is he smoking crack??  Like that would be any less adulterous then relations with a man.  And then when I talk about him with a man, he is totally convinced it will never happen… winces at the thought.  It’s a real eye opener like a Kensey experiment right here in my own living room. 

So Ms. Moennig, if you are interested, seems as if I have a get out of adultery free card LOL!