Save a tree and make your own grocery bag- free pattern!!

Super simple!!

Super simple!!

The city of Seattle may be banning plastic bags soon.  Nancy Sewing Basket (my day job) made a little DIY PDF.  You can find it here and here.  Sorry for the two links but my boss made two PDFs so we could print (en mass) front and then back.  You can save a tree and print front, put it back in the printer (face up in my case) and then print the back.  I really want to try printing on canvas because I just got this book Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin.  Hand printed canvas would make a lovely grocery bag.  Also the new Selvedge Magazine (I heart this mag) has a great how to grocery tote.  Have lot o’ eco Fun!!

One thought on “Save a tree and make your own grocery bag- free pattern!!

  1. Been thinking about making me one of this , will have to sweep the dust out of my poor sewing machine!

    Really nice to have the pattern Thank you!

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