Procrastination takes FOREVER!!

So the stripe pants took me a weekend to construct and it took me almost a year to sew the little hooks and eyes on.  Now I can finally wear them.  My ass prolly look beter in them now because that came in November for my birthday, after I made the pants.  Yes, I got an ass for my twenty-ninth birthday.  I have NEVER had one before so thats cool, I’m learning how asses work, my husband like to hold on to it.  Here is also a picture of my dinning room table (computer table).  It was nasty, weighties (way eighties) fake mable.  I took off the legs and painted them and the bottom black with some red highlights (laquer spray paint).  Then I staple gunned oil cloth to the top nice and tight and screwed the legs back on, badda-boom badda-bang… table.  It is going on five years old, yeah I have been meaning to take pics of it for that long.  It’s great- you cannot tell if it is dirty so you can just pile grime on top of grime and not even notice.  No, really it is great for us and totally economical to do.  Last but definately not least- my tomatos are not procrastinating.  We got them in the dirt a little late and they seem to be making up for it- Capese (sp?)here I come WHOO! HOO!

Also my Avatar does not work all the time and I have been lookin’ in the help and forums and I swear I am doing everything right… any suggestion??

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