November’s Coastal Adventures

So we actually did a lot of traveling in November!  This is an exciting thing.  I think that Mr. Kurt Vanagon (the ’84 Westfallia Camper we bought in August) is really going to help fulfill goals of travel and adventure…. YIPEEE!  So here are some galleries of our adventures.  The first is from the Golds Beach, OR and the other is from Westport and Ocean Shores, WA.   My husband, Dave, is a night owl and he also loves photography so he has been experimenting with middle-of-the-night, long exposure shots and they are really awesome if you ask my HUMBLE opinion.



Candace Kling, teacher extraordinaire, will be back at Nancy’s in May.  I will post the class schedule or a link the second I get posted the the Nancy’s site.   We also have a schedule for basic sewing classes as well so that will be forthcoming.  OH YEAH… which brings me to exciting news… I will be teaching kids craft sewing  in February during the winter break vacation.  We will be doing sock creatures one day and tee shirt DIY the second day.  This is both exciting and nervous all at the same time… can I teach kids… guess we will find out!

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