Fantastic Ribbon Manipulation from a top researcher


MMM-MMM good! This is a shot from Orrapin, one of my favorite restaurants in Queen Anne, Seattle.  Orrapinis a very nice woman and the food is always delish.


The weekend before Halloween Nancy’s (day job) hosted their bi-annual Candace KlingRibbon Classes.  I have never been able to attend the class nor meet Candace but this time I got to hang out with her.  I walked her through how to blog so hopefully she will start giving us updates as to what she is doing when she is not teaching.


There is something to be said for people who painstakingly (down to sixteenth of inches) map out and plot out the past in order to keep these antique art forms alive.  Candace Kling does this type of work and it really kind of takes my breath away… you want to know what make them tick.  Like this or this but the pieces that I see in person are the best.  It reminds me of another historical researcher  Janet Arnold , a la Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d.  I am very thankful for people who see the merit in preserving this type of knowledge in a world that is moving to fast to care.  Candace published a book called The Artful Ribbon, that is no linger being printed but are still out there (like on Amazon).


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