Wow, it’s been so long since I blogged that the interface of WordPress has changed.

When did that happen?

Well it’s been since August that I shared anything.  Oopps!  Sometimes life gets a little too busy and I drop the ball.  Here is a little montage of what has been going on.  It goes from Party Dress to Christmas.

A party dress for playing!

But that is just the beginning-  I have been sewing (and cooking!?!) up a storm these last few months.  Some of the other sewing includes but is not limited to:

I have also been marinating on some ideas for a line of clothing and/or soft furnishing 100% re-purposed for the thrift store.  I have found some AMAZING textiles at some of my favorite “digs” here in Seattle like the Dearborn Goodwill or its sister store the Goodwill Outlet (if you are a Germ-a-phobe this place is not for you).  I guess I just don’t know if people would be as excited about reclaimed leather/ linen/ cotton as I am.

And I have been cooking, here are some recipes I have used over the last couple of months:

There are other things that I heard about so created my own version like the fennel and sausage Quiche:

The only cooking that I managed to photograph.

We have also been doing a fair amount of juicing over the last month and we also might commit to a juice fast for the New Year… although I really don’t know if we can do that… I mean I am a meat and potatoes girl.  I know it will be good to clear out the system but it is going to be kind of torturous.  My husband suggested it at the beginning of this month and I logically pushed it back noting that Christmas would be hard and that the New Year is great for gimmicks like that.

Also I did finish the bridesmaid dresses I talked about rolling out but I don’t have photography of any of it yet and the wedding dress is in mock-up form so I did not completely drop the ball on that idea.  It’s a slow build!

Me in Stitch Magazine.

Fall 2010.

I recently had the wonderful (paid!) opportunity to write for Stitch Magazine put out by Interweave Press. I wrote out instructions for my Shadow Applique Wool Pillow for their 1 yard gifts in the Fall 2010 issue.  The magazine came out on the 14th of September so go pick it up at your nearest specialty magazine shop and try out my project!!

…these are a few of my favorite things.

So this week’s Favorite Things have sort of a antiquated, androgynous, pirate flavor to them:


Serious Jewlery right here folks!

Serious Jewlery right here folks!

1) It starts with… well… a little purchase off of Etsy , what else.  It is this ingenious recycled cuff that I have had my eye on for a while.  After selling a few things, I can really justify anything …and that is very dangerous.





2) I have been looking at this picture for the last six months.   I really love it.  I know nothing about Poiret… but when my boss gave me this I found the jacket vest combo was inspiring.  It has been at the top of historical file of inspiration (kind of like I have for fashion)… I keep stuff in there for research and for interesting shapes and details.  I was going to enter a make it in wool back in like October, with a motorcycle jacket/ vest peeking out the bottom a la the picture but … just not so good with dead lines.  I could not find the right zippers in time for the contest (damn zippers).  Well, I have been making good process this last week.



3) Here is a close-to-finished motor cycle jacket (not pressed or top stitched).  It is made out of a B. Black wool from a couple of years ago.   My favorite part is the AWESOME skull printed silk charmeuse lining!   I (think) I like the shorter length of this jacket and I really don’t think I would go peplem like in the picture, so it is got a 21st century up date.  That nice big collar is yummy.  My own look has a more steampunk feel to in then the Poiret picture*



4)  Here is the vest I did.  I really wanted a vest that looked good open or shut.  And had the length of the vest in Poiret picture.   The result is rad and now I want to make it in a couple of different fabrics as well as create a graded pattern for it to sell.  Vest are really simple to make and don’t take a lot of fabric…. NICE.  My friend Jessica said that the vest reminded her of a gun holster…. So I guess it’s my gun holster vest.  I wanted it to feel like it a tank top that dipped under my arms when opened and then looked like a fitted vest when closed. *

I am stronger then this slip!

I am stronger then this slip!

5) I am going to end with something that I did NOT buy on etsy.  I think that balance is good… and so is refraining.  Although this cute slip make me evoke Veruca Salt: “don’t care how, I want it now!”  I don’ t need it.  I am happy with out it.  Actually, I am happier with out it.


*These pics are just sneak peeks.  I want to try to recreate the Poiret picture when I am done with the clothing so better pics will follow.  So stay tuned…. or don’t whateves.


Cheers to a new dress!

Cheers to a new dress!

Here is another new dress hot off the presses!  It is a new McCall’s pattern, #M5701.   It O.K.  It’s not super-duper great but not bad… my favorite part is the back:
I really like the fabric even though it is a poly/ rayon blend. 
Lots of sewing ahead because I am trying to finish up an outfit for the State of Washington’s annual “make it in Wool” contest.  I don’t know though… I already think that my plaid matching is just imperfect enough that I should not even complete.  I love the jacket though (imperfect or not)… it has a silk linning with little skulls on it!
Also Halloween is a-coming and boy do I have some work cut out for me… stay tunned.