More from the theater front….

So this is a new (ancient) play that I am designing for Open Circle Theater here in Seattle.  The story of Ajax is a Greek war tragedy written by Sophecles .  This is an adaptation by a local thespian/writer, Todd van der Ark.  It is a weave of modern and classical text and symbols- like modern desert fatigues mixed with  knife fighting.  One of the things that the director is spotlighting is PTSD syndrome and I think that it is interesting to see that this disease was also a problem in the ancient Greek society.

I also did the graphic design of this post card and the poster for the show!!

Twilight Zone 2011

Fear for your lives!!

The play I am designing costumes for, “The Twilight Zone”, opens next Thursday Night.  If you are in the Seattle area you should definitely come check it out.  The show run March 18-April 16, 2011- Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm.  This years episodes are as folllows:

The Obsolete Man

Time Enough at Last

The Mosters are due on Maple Street


Don’t be shy…You are sure to see aliens and have nightmares!!

And so, my spring has sprung into action!

I have just taken a  costume design job that I am excited about, I will be designing a period (11th century) MacBeth for a June production.  Also, I am commissioned to a “Jolly Green Giant” costume for a private client as well.   Just like that I am BOOKED until June or July!   I really don’t know much more about the production until Saturday, when I meet the director. 

Michael Kors can eat me!!

Michael Kors can eat me!!

In other news I have taken pictures of new stuff for my Etsy site, so that will be trickling up on to the site over the next couple of days.  I will also be taking more photos on Monday, so check it out.