Summer Separates…. An impromtu clothing line.

I rolled out some clothing on my ETSY site this last week.  I ‘ve got an “in” with a beautiful line of silk taffeta that has been fun to flirt with and these fabrics definitely tickle my feminine fancy because some dresses are next!  The current collection of separates I just put up mixes this silk taffeta (washed to soften) with hand dye linen and lace tank tops for super comfortable and easy to put on pieces that have a summer boho feel.   All of the skirts have fantastic wide elastic waistbands  are lined in rayon.  All of the pieces are washable.  Not bad pictures for being in my basement.  Also…  I have been asked to do a fashion show here in Georgetown, Seattle, USA.  I will let you know if I participate.  Sometimes these things are not what they seem and that is why I am still on the fence.

Hey look… 3 more free apron patterns.

Seems like when it rains… it pours free patterns:

Nancy’s Sewing Basket (safe haven/ evil addiction employer) also put out a simple apron pattern they call the Manhattan Apron.  Here are PDF one  and PDF two.

-While I was surfing I found that Selvedge Magazine put out a cute little free PDF called Tie Your Own Apron Strings to promote the book Learn to Sew by Alison Reid

-Cool blogger Still Dottie  has a free how to for a Smock Apron with awesome graphic for pattern.

Burning Man 2008

So… another year where I am fortunate enough to go to Burning Man.  Like snowboarding, Burning Man is an Elitist sport that I am quite fond of (like a crack addict), yet don’t always have the means to do it as much as I would like.  I am very appreciative for things falling into line so quickly in 2008, but also know that we work hard for things like this event on short notice to be possible.  I met several people who were hitting Burning Man after a big trance music (not my fav) party in Portugal called Boom.  Do these people work???

What is it about Burning Man, you ask?  The most INSANE mixture of creativity, survivalism, obscurity, camaraderie, and celebration in the middle of a landscape where even bugs do not normally survive.  In complete sobriety, it is so surreal that it makes even the most seasoned burner trip out!  I love the Playa, the people, the art, the whiteouts, the fire, the pulse of sound all the time, gate-road lines, all of it.  It is all a great experiment with the human condition and with the idea of community.

As I personally decompress from 2008 there are some things that are marinating in my mind.  First off- no piece of are really made me numb and dumbfounded, like this or this.  Was the Tower of Babylon really even art- union crew built (no DPW), ten story,  steel structures for multipurpose are popping up all over Seattle and no one is calling them art.  Was it inspired by or commentary on “the American Dream” which was the theme of this year’s burn?  Its just that… there was all that space and all that “blank canvas” that could be seen from just about any point in Black Rock City and all that displayed was an American Flag.  I was most impressed by some of the performance art that I experienced this year.  Saw the circus (Red Nose District), some Modern Ballet, a couple of great bands, and an incredible modern dance piece done under black lights which helped to set up a stage full of illusion and a world that was totally engrossing.  If any one knows the troupe that I am talking about I would love to know more about them.

The sea of massive RV’s that has been growing and growing from year to year finally fit into the theme this year as symbols of the American Dream.  I wonder if the abundance of RVs help to keep the porta potties the cleanest and most mantained of any burn I have been to (six burns total). 

Picking up and going sponaneously proved to be LOTS of work for me and Dave.  There seemed to be less time for the lounging around that we like to do on vacation.  It was go-go-go.  Now I am tired and want to be lazy even though that is not the right frame of mind.