Summer Separates…. An impromtu clothing line.

I rolled out some clothing on my ETSY site this last week.  I ‘ve got an “in” with a beautiful line of silk taffeta that has been fun to flirt with and these fabrics definitely tickle my feminine fancy because some dresses are next!  The current collection of separates I just put up mixes this silk taffeta (washed to soften) with hand dye linen and lace tank tops for super comfortable and easy to put on pieces that have a summer boho feel.   All of the skirts have fantastic wide elastic waistbands  are lined in rayon.  All of the pieces are washable.  Not bad pictures for being in my basement.  Also…  I have been asked to do a fashion show here in Georgetown, Seattle, USA.  I will let you know if I participate.  Sometimes these things are not what they seem and that is why I am still on the fence.

Me in Stitch Magazine.

Fall 2010.

I recently had the wonderful (paid!) opportunity to write for Stitch Magazine put out by Interweave Press. I wrote out instructions for my Shadow Applique Wool Pillow for their 1 yard gifts in the Fall 2010 issue.  The magazine came out on the 14th of September so go pick it up at your nearest specialty magazine shop and try out my project!!

… these are a few of my favorite things.

This weeks favorite things… has to start with every thing from the last post.  The beautiful pile of wool, the machine…. SHEESH! I am really still in complete shock.  But we’ll move on.


Amazing aesthic.  Great layering.  Perfect colors.

Amazing aesthic. Great layering. Perfect colors.

2) Gudrun Sjoden.  Swedish Design.  So beautiful.  I don’t even really know how to pronounce this women’s clothing and home decor company but I have been getting their catalogue for just over a year and I am completely smitten.  Of course, if I could convert EU’s to dollars I would prolly realize that I can’t afford anything, so I just use it for inspiration.  Even the catalogue is beautifully designed.  They are layering masters.  AND they are totally committed to sustainability and organic certification.

cleaning noses since 1500 BCE.

cleaning noses since 1500 BCE.

3) The Netti Pot.  This ancient invention is my modern saving grace.  Nasal Irrigation is (in my opinion) super important for us textile enthusiast because there are lots of fibers floating around.  It is kind of odd getting started, feels weird but once you get the hang of it it’s addicting.  There are many how tos on YouTube, here is one.

raw goods.

raw goods.

4) I HAD to buy some of the trim two or three week ago.  It is from Anna Sui.  It is an amazing $6 a yard- for embroidered silk organza.   Had to.  Now I have been petting it like it is a cat of something.  It makes me smile!



5) This is something that I did not buy…. but totally lust after.  It is a cotton from Italy.  It has a beautiful hand and subtle shadow stripe seersucker.  I thought I was going to be able to buy some wholesale from a dealer in NYC but it fell through…. and I don’t think I want to pay retail even with my discount.  I am cheap…. sometimes… at least.

New silk dress I made for the summer/fall transition

Cute Silk Dress1

Cute Silk Dress1

Since Seattle prolly has like ten good sunny day (if we’re lucky) I have had a hankering to make fall clothes.  This dress was started before I was going to Burning Man and I finished it today.  It is great with boots or sandals, worn by it’s self or with a sweater.  That why its transitional.  It is a brown silk charmeuse with a sun flower-esque print.  Ahhhh, silk charmeuse- feel like your are wearing silk pajamas all day long.  The dress is a model garment for the shop so I won’t be able to wear it for a month while it is on display… but I got all fabric and notions for free.  A free silk dress is a definate perk of the job for an addict like me.

This pattern, Vogue 8469, is a great pattern, I really like how easy it went together.  The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t quite have enough boobs to fit perfectly into the size 10.  I fit exact everywhere else.  I have to wear most illusionary bra to make it look right.  I think that when I get it back from display I will try to steam the butt-u-ty out of it and see if I cannot shrink it a bit.

Oh Yeah, we bough a Westifalia Vanagon… three days before our trip.   He is a real champion, and his name is Kurt Vanagon.  Here is a man and his bus:

dave and kurt dreamin' of adventures

dave and kurt dreamin

Just finished- A new August dress… LURV this fabric.

O.K. so I really really wish that there was more fabric like this out there in the home sewing world.  It is a silk and cotton blended voile designer end from Anna Sui.  The pattern and color are subdue but intriguing… so I bought four yards of it at the Nancy’s Sewing Basket annual sale about a year ago and have been fondling it ever since.  I finally bit the bullet and cut into it last friday and wore my new dress to work yesterday.  I guess that technically makes it a July dress but who is being technical.  It is the basic shape of McCall’s #5435 with a twist.

I also got inspired by Angry Chicken blog  (she is quite hilarious) a while back and so I did a little hem decoration.  I used the rolled hem on my serger down both sides of a 2 inch strip.  Then I gathered through the center.  I attached it to the hem using a decorative wave stitch on the Singer Machine (affectionately named Big Bertha) that I inherited from my grandmother.


One of the things that I have trouble with when I find great fabric like this is that the possibilities are endless when it is fabric, once you cut it is more or less set in stone so you better like the out come.  Little things can be changed but the basic shape is what it is.  I really am happy with the outcome of this dress… but I also have a yard and half left so it was less final.  Not that this is totally applicable but my husband says “artist never finish their work, they just abandon it.”  With fabric it is like I abandon all the wonderful possibilities for the one that (in theory) I like the best,  but in actuality it might not be that which is in my minds eye.  Yeah, I really do get all geeked out on this shit!!  Sorry.