Wow, it’s been so long since I blogged that the interface of WordPress has changed.

When did that happen?

Well it’s been since August that I shared anything.  Oopps!  Sometimes life gets a little too busy and I drop the ball.  Here is a little montage of what has been going on.  It goes from Party Dress to Christmas.

A party dress for playing!

But that is just the beginning-  I have been sewing (and cooking!?!) up a storm these last few months.  Some of the other sewing includes but is not limited to:

I have also been marinating on some ideas for a line of clothing and/or soft furnishing 100% re-purposed for the thrift store.  I have found some AMAZING textiles at some of my favorite “digs” here in Seattle like the Dearborn Goodwill or its sister store the Goodwill Outlet (if you are a Germ-a-phobe this place is not for you).  I guess I just don’t know if people would be as excited about reclaimed leather/ linen/ cotton as I am.

And I have been cooking, here are some recipes I have used over the last couple of months:

There are other things that I heard about so created my own version like the fennel and sausage Quiche:

The only cooking that I managed to photograph.

We have also been doing a fair amount of juicing over the last month and we also might commit to a juice fast for the New Year… although I really don’t know if we can do that… I mean I am a meat and potatoes girl.  I know it will be good to clear out the system but it is going to be kind of torturous.  My husband suggested it at the beginning of this month and I logically pushed it back noting that Christmas would be hard and that the New Year is great for gimmicks like that.

Also I did finish the bridesmaid dresses I talked about rolling out but I don’t have photography of any of it yet and the wedding dress is in mock-up form so I did not completely drop the ball on that idea.  It’s a slow build!

Party Dress Fever.

So… I was at work when I first discovered the book Party Dress by Mary Adams.  I lay down my credit card and took it home that day.  I loved reading about her experiences as an Oregon girl to being a dress maker in New York and then her process is astounding simple and clean and yet so sticky sweet and full of color saturation that I really just started making dresses… and now I cannot stop.  Every page is sooo inspiring.  It started with this skirt (recently sold to a girl in Ireland):

Then I started this quilted leather/wool/ silk strapless dress which is essentially done, just needs some hems and hand stitching)!

Then I got into the silk taffeta stuff which posted here in my last post.

NOW… it turns out that Mary Adams will be in Seattle at Nancy’s Sewing Basket (where i work)  for a book signing November 5th!  And to really get into the mood ALL of the employees are working on there own party dresses that will be on display during our annual sale in September and then we are going to wear them for the book signing in November.  It will be kinda of fun too because customers will be guessing whose dress belonged to which employee!  So I cannot divulge to much but I will tell you Analysis Paralysis has now sunk in completely for some of us because it is hard to decide!

Summer Separates…. An impromtu clothing line.

I rolled out some clothing on my ETSY site this last week.  I ‘ve got an “in” with a beautiful line of silk taffeta that has been fun to flirt with and these fabrics definitely tickle my feminine fancy because some dresses are next!  The current collection of separates I just put up mixes this silk taffeta (washed to soften) with hand dye linen and lace tank tops for super comfortable and easy to put on pieces that have a summer boho feel.   All of the skirts have fantastic wide elastic waistbands  are lined in rayon.  All of the pieces are washable.  Not bad pictures for being in my basement.  Also…  I have been asked to do a fashion show here in Georgetown, Seattle, USA.  I will let you know if I participate.  Sometimes these things are not what they seem and that is why I am still on the fence.

Coyote Central inspired by Nick Cave exhibit at The Seattle Art Museum

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I have been teaching kids (girls) ages 9-13 how to sew and design for a really excellent Non-profit organization called Coyote Central since last October.  I have to say- I have been having lots of fun.  I really did not think that I was the teaching type… or even had anything to say about sewing to children but well- I guess I learned something.  My regular class is called Design Sew and Embellish– and through the school year it is on Saturday morning (all the better for keeping me honest:) but during the summer the class is more like a one week intensive , and it is pretty much full as of now.

Also since October Coyote and I have been talking about and organizing a special workshop in conjunction with (and funded by) the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) for the Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth exhibit that closed this last weekend.  I know, I know… my timing is impeccable.   We held the 2 day/10hr.  workshop for 8 child artist in mid April and  debuted the creations at Community Night on May 5th at the SAM.  These kids were champions not even wanting to break for lunch!!  The Jackets were then displayed at the SAM for the rest of the exhibit and then they will be put in a brand-spanking-new Coyote Central Gallery space!!

Thanks to Chris Barnett for the beautiful Picture of the process and the parade!

Me in Stitch Magazine.

Fall 2010.

I recently had the wonderful (paid!) opportunity to write for Stitch Magazine put out by Interweave Press. I wrote out instructions for my Shadow Applique Wool Pillow for their 1 yard gifts in the Fall 2010 issue.  The magazine came out on the 14th of September so go pick it up at your nearest specialty magazine shop and try out my project!!

Things I love, things I hate, and things I am guilty of.

petit papillon!

petit papillon!

First…. Butterflies.  We went to the Pacific Science Center couple of weeks back to see the 3D Under the Sea.  So we had to go to the Butterfly room!  It is the first time that I had been in the room (even though I live like six blocks away) and it is really amazing. 


So before my father “went in” we got to have the holiday season.  We send him hand made things (half-finished) and stuff with fish on it and he send us gift cards to Nordstroms.  So I bought these shoes a couple weeks back… and I love them:

My new kicks!

My new kicks!

They are Japanese Onitsuka Tiger designed for Asics- Japanese street clothing is something I have been inspired by recently.  I have a dress for etsy that is what I call “cavity driven”, meaning lots of pink, ruffles, and lace.  I don’t wear this kind of thing but I have a lot of fun designing it.  It is not done yet… but soon.  The shoes are just another way of expressing this inspiration.  Thanks Dad. 


Here is a before shot of the "photo studio", stay tuned for the after.

Here is a before shot of the "photo studio", stay tuned for the after.

I really want to start silk screening… I hate when I get new tools (like the silk screening kit I got for X-mas) and don’t use them.  I was all motivated on the 26th of December until I got to the part about needing a completely dark room… I just could not get over that hump (no space for that).  So this last week, me and Dave started to convert part of our office space into a photo studio, and one of our storage closes into a dark room.  At least now I feel like I am getting closer to PHOTO EMULSION takeoff! Exciting steps in the right direction.

And finally, I am guilty of buying the fabric I said that I did not buy… should not of bought… but could not resist.  Hello, my name is Angela and I am addicted to fabric.

Just finished- A new August dress… LURV this fabric.

O.K. so I really really wish that there was more fabric like this out there in the home sewing world.  It is a silk and cotton blended voile designer end from Anna Sui.  The pattern and color are subdue but intriguing… so I bought four yards of it at the Nancy’s Sewing Basket annual sale about a year ago and have been fondling it ever since.  I finally bit the bullet and cut into it last friday and wore my new dress to work yesterday.  I guess that technically makes it a July dress but who is being technical.  It is the basic shape of McCall’s #5435 with a twist.

I also got inspired by Angry Chicken blog  (she is quite hilarious) a while back and so I did a little hem decoration.  I used the rolled hem on my serger down both sides of a 2 inch strip.  Then I gathered through the center.  I attached it to the hem using a decorative wave stitch on the Singer Machine (affectionately named Big Bertha) that I inherited from my grandmother.


One of the things that I have trouble with when I find great fabric like this is that the possibilities are endless when it is fabric, once you cut it is more or less set in stone so you better like the out come.  Little things can be changed but the basic shape is what it is.  I really am happy with the outcome of this dress… but I also have a yard and half left so it was less final.  Not that this is totally applicable but my husband says “artist never finish their work, they just abandon it.”  With fabric it is like I abandon all the wonderful possibilities for the one that (in theory) I like the best,  but in actuality it might not be that which is in my minds eye.  Yeah, I really do get all geeked out on this shit!!  Sorry.