Strike a pose.

In the beginning of March I was in a fashion show for (one of) my alma maters, The Art Institute of Seattle.  It was fun, I was the oldest model but most were all just as insecure as I am so it was fine.  I really like stepping out of my comfort zone (Tom Boy) some times as this is a a real good dose of that.  Here, here, here and here are some pics.  The pics are from two different show on the same day (my hair is different).  And on that dress with the heart I wore it backward the first time.  Not my fault- they took fitting pictures of me in it backwards and I wore it the exact same as in the picture. Hee- Hee!!

This morning I was on the King 5 morning show New Day Northwest modeling one outfit.

WELL- apparently I cannot embed the flash clip of this appearance because WORDPRESS won’t let you!!!! Hmmmm…. so just click on the link.

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