Things I love…. the franc-o-philes.

This post is inspired by some new (old) sewing things that we got in at the store.   OMG-  I f**king love haberdashery… especially if it is beautiful!  I don’t even wind thread and I want one of each.sajouCollection





Sajou– A nineteenth century French company that was recently resurrected.  I cannot really find pictures of some of the most awesome old graphics they use on their thread winders- twenties hats and such but here is the story of Sajou I found over at Silver Needle:

 From 1830 to 1880, Jacques-Simon devoted his time and inventiveness to fancy needlework, starting la Maison Sajou in 1830. His goal: to sell supplies for all types of the Needlearts. With the creation of his pattern albums, he reached intense fame in France and all of Europe… his original albums are very valuable and intensely sought-after collectibles today!

The trade name ‘Sajou’ fell into oblivion some years later, presumably after Jacques passed. It had not been used since 1954, and therefore, under French law, became available in 2004 for a new owner!

Frederique Crestin-Billet is the new owner of Sajou, and promises to present the vintage designs and articles as they were — without edits. Relying on the excellent name of Sajou, she is producing product using modern production methods, while maintaining a world that reminds us of the haberdasheries of yesteryear.

Another one of my french favorites is Lesage (here is an article about lesage) which does not have a web page.   They don’t need one!  They are the beading and embellishing house for all of Paris’ Haute Couture.  The Sewing Divas are on my blogroll and I found this great video on their site.  Only the second half is Lesage but the whole video is yummy.


3 thoughts on “Things I love…. the franc-o-philes.

  1. The Sajou website has both English and French versions.
    Mme. Crestin-Billet is very “geniale” and answers questions about her products very quickly. Google images is also a great source.
    A great website for those interested in the Sajou cross-stitch patterns is It is in French, but the documents anciens link is clearly marked on the home page.

  2. I love Sajou! I am an embroiderer and a friend gave me 6 of the thread winders that are men in old-fashioned bathing costumes and on bikes and now I want to collect heaps of their thread winders. The same friend also gave me a beautiful notebook with a quaint chinoiserie theme and I have actually used the little man portrayed as a character in my latest book (I am a writer) and just had to blog about the beauty of Sajou.

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