Annual Sale Time.


In a week from today the 31st ANNIVERSARY SALE starts at my day job (Nancy’s Sewing Basket).  It starts at 25 % off all fabrics and works its way up to 31% off on the last day- Sept. 20th.  Yes we do take mail orders.  This is a frenzy- and regulars usually come in in advance to make a game plan as to what they are going to buy.  I have my eye on a creamy silk knit, a silk and cotton broadcloth with a brown circular design, and a super soft plaid shirting from Italy.

I am frantically trying to finish a garment before the sale starts- and (of course) I decide to use leather which is something that requires more patients and less frantic-ness then I seem to have at the moment so I am taking a break to vent about it.   My boss had this lovely idea back in April or May that we could all use the same pattern and interpret it any way that we wanted.  We landed on Vogue 1036, a jacket,  not because we all loved it but because it was generic enough that we had a lot of room to interpret.  The pattern was (for me) large through the shoulders and tight through the elbow.

Nancy’s gave us $75.00 dollars worth of fabric- which I promptly spent and more- leather. . . Sheesh!  Our customers will then have the opportunity to see if they can pair the right jacket with the right employee.  Sound fun and exciting right?   Now we are a week away from the sale and we are (and have been) all up to our eyeballs in all sorts of things (moving, wedding dresses, traveling, costumes, family) none of which have been the JACKETS.  As you can deduct- we are all frantically trying to finish our jackets.  

Speaking of finish- I have finished the flight attendant costume and it was pretty rad if I don’t say so myself.  I am not posting pictures because I will post the video from Expedia when it goes up.  I don’t even think they start filming until mid-September.

Hint! Hint!

Hint! Hint!

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