Damn… I’m addicted to the NYT art and design page

two things I love about summer!!

two things I love about summer!!

So I am now technically on vacation.   Sadly, we are not going anywhere (the bus is broken:() but I have the time off.  I have two costumes and some private lessons to do over the next two weeks. 

SO yesterday we biked the green river trail for 20 miles.  Its a pretty good trail, you can feel like you are not in a densely populated urban area.  AND you are not just riding next to a road, it is just the bike path and river. 

I have also been addicted to the Art and Design page of the New York Times.  So much creativity out there.  I have this rather large scale art idea that I have been marinating in over the last couple of months.  It is kind of a cross -collage of a number of the arts I like to do- so stay tuned.

And finally…. dresses, I have been making dresses, and wearing dresses and making more dresses, and putting dresses on ETSY, and wearing more dresses… It has been a really deep reflection on comfort vs. design philosophy!  I usually fancy myself such a tomboy, but lately dresses are my comfort chose.

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