MacBeth at Magnuson Park Theater

So here is the reason that I have not blogged in over a month….

Its going to be Hurly Burly!!

Its going to be Hurly Burly!!

I have been eyeball- deep in eleven century Scottish dress.  The show will be brilliant, with awesome fight scenes, lot of blood (which is poison to my costumer ears), and a gaggle of witches.  Please come and see it!!!!

2 thoughts on “MacBeth at Magnuson Park Theater

  1. Hi-
    I found your blog as I was looking for an adult cookie monster costume. Could you let me know how to get in touch with your friend so I could find out where he purchased his costume. It would be so helpful as I am sure you can probably tell this search has been anything but easy.

    • Hi Alix-
      I made that adult cookies monster costume for my husband!! Just kinda the point o’my blog. I could make you an adult cookie monster costume too BUT you have to find the fabric as I have no more. Possible Joann’s Fabric (where I purchase the first yardage) or Britex Fabric in SanFrancisco. Contact me through my etsy site for more information

      I don’t think that you will find a manufactured cookie monster costume unless you go strat to sesame street (production?) because it is a licenced charater.

      Sorry for the bad news!

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