Things I love, things I hate, and things I am guilty of.

petit papillon!

petit papillon!

First…. Butterflies.  We went to the Pacific Science Center couple of weeks back to see the 3D Under the Sea.  So we had to go to the Butterfly room!  It is the first time that I had been in the room (even though I live like six blocks away) and it is really amazing. 


So before my father “went in” we got to have the holiday season.  We send him hand made things (half-finished) and stuff with fish on it and he send us gift cards to Nordstroms.  So I bought these shoes a couple weeks back… and I love them:

My new kicks!

My new kicks!

They are Japanese Onitsuka Tiger designed for Asics- Japanese street clothing is something I have been inspired by recently.  I have a dress for etsy that is what I call “cavity driven”, meaning lots of pink, ruffles, and lace.  I don’t wear this kind of thing but I have a lot of fun designing it.  It is not done yet… but soon.  The shoes are just another way of expressing this inspiration.  Thanks Dad. 


Here is a before shot of the "photo studio", stay tuned for the after.

Here is a before shot of the "photo studio", stay tuned for the after.

I really want to start silk screening… I hate when I get new tools (like the silk screening kit I got for X-mas) and don’t use them.  I was all motivated on the 26th of December until I got to the part about needing a completely dark room… I just could not get over that hump (no space for that).  So this last week, me and Dave started to convert part of our office space into a photo studio, and one of our storage closes into a dark room.  At least now I feel like I am getting closer to PHOTO EMULSION takeoff! Exciting steps in the right direction.

And finally, I am guilty of buying the fabric I said that I did not buy… should not of bought… but could not resist.  Hello, my name is Angela and I am addicted to fabric.

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