Dude…. I just won a $3500 dollar sewing machine!!!!

Yes... I am fully addicted.

Yes... I am fully addicted.

O. K. so every year Nancy’s (my day job) goes to the Puyallup Sew Expo put on by Washington State University and held on the Washington State Fair Grounds.  We are a vendor and we sell off lots of fabric… mostly stuff that is on sale.  It is the biggest Sew Expo in the country.   It is definitely not my crowd, but it is different then my usual work day so I like to go.  I call it the SEA of quilted vest with to much shit tacked on the surface, mullets, and sparkle pins declaring “I love to sew”…. yes gross but good for people gawking.  I just wish I could turn off the flash on my camera phone so I could inconspicuously post some prime examples here but I am technically deficient. 

There are a few vendors that I look forward to see.  Pendleton brings out there wools.  I don’t do southwestern themed blankets but their plaid are freakin’ amazing and good price.  For the first time EVER I saw an Eco- friendly Eco Wise wool that was actually Cradle to Cradle CERTIFIED.  I have read a lot about this type of sustainability certification but had never come across a piece of cloth that measured up to the standard (I have a whole blog planned for this topic but need to do some more research.) Very well done Pendleton!! 

I also get drawn into The Wool House from Toronto.  They are A) really good sales men and B) have amazing cashmere.  Point made.

I also like Vouge Fabrics from Chicago…. but I did not buy anything from them this year:(


on Sunday ’bout 4:30 I get a call that I don’t recognize so it goes to voice mail and about 10 minutes later I check the message.  “Well hello Angela, this is your lucky day.  You just won the Sew Expo Door Prize- A Brother Sewing Machine….” I really don’t hear anything past that as I turn to a co-worker and scream, “I just won the door prize.”  I race over to the Door Prize booth to discover that I freakin’ WON a $3500.00 dollar Brother sewing machine donated by Quality Sewing and Vacuum.  I cannot fully believe it…. holly sh–molly!   It is the brand new Porsche my world.

Will someone just pinch me!

Will someone just pinch me!

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