Bryant Park fantastic.

So… it is the time of year again.  Fashion Week (that last for the month) started in New York.  Of course I am addicted to right now because of it.  So I have never really liked Tracy Reece before but DAMN I just want one of each from her fall09 rtw. 

Great high waist!

Great high waist!

Simple and very wearable.

Simple and very wearable.

Yummy pants, great silouette

Yummy pants, great silhouette


I also like the Diesel Black and Gold show…. of course, it fits right in my not so prim and proper aesthetic.

I love the layering!!!!

I love the layering!!!!

A litttle steampunk for your enjoyment.

slightly steampunk for your enjoyment.Again, great layering.


Stay tuned for more… or don’t, whateves!

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