Christmas Craft Craziness


I have been uber (sp?) productive in the last week- week and a half.  Pretty much since I went to the Urban Craft Uprising here in Seattle.  I went with a friend / amazing artist extraordinary who submitted her super creative and realistic animal puppets as a both at UCU.  She did not get excepted… but there were two (maybe more) booths selling nipple pasties! 


Sorry, I’ll be positive now.  I did get some quick christmas inspirations that lead to this crazy idea where I shadow layer organza to get certain effects.  Next I am going to do a skull and cross bones.



We are “snowed in” in Seattle, which means anything more then two inches that sticks.  Since I walk to work (have NOT driven in ten years and proud), I sadly had no excuss.  So I made these while I was at work, with very few shoppers and not a lot to do:


And last but definately not least is a sneak peak at the quilt I am making for my anut, whose name I drew in the name swap.  I have never quilted before, I have to say may never quilt again, I am having trouble with the binding.

Auntie Jean's Quilt

I got all of my package to my mom in the mail today and they said that it will make it to Nevada by the 23rd- yipee, I thought that it would be late.

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