Halloween Costume countdown- three days to go!

This costume started with a mask that I friend brought me from Venice, Italy.  It was a blank Zanni mask (commedia del’ arte).  I already have a decorated Zanni mask that I brought home myself and the problem with wearing the for Halloween is that you are a mute… you have no mouth.  Now since I like to get my drink on on Halloween this does not work.  So for this costume I decided to cut away the mouth… totally ruining the Zanni archetype.   I always wanted to do a flapper costume for myself but I had a hard time deciding what to do with it but after I finished the mask, then my pallet was set and the rest just flew together.

The trimming on the dress is all from my day job.  Oh, except that I found the cool feather brooch (at the waist) at a rummage sale and the lace inset I pillaged off a thrift store dress.  The skirt is composed of squares of fabric that are suspended by one corner all layered up.

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