Halloween Costume countdown- six days to go

Since we talked about the pattern (McCalls 8953) being the only adult animal costume I wanted to say a few more things.  First, I had to elongate it for a 6’3″ frame and second, I always extend the neck down (on the hood) another couple of inches so there is a good over lap.  I attach the hood with snaps so it is removable because if the hood hangs it can be kinda choking depending on how much weight the hood has on it.  If there is wired ears, EL wire and the battery packs then it could weigh five pounds or so and it pulls the whole costume up and back in the front.  Sorry, I am all geeked out on it right now, I’ll stop.  Anyways here is another time that I used the animal costume:

Yep, take a look at coat, thats where your going puppy!!

Yep, take a look at coat, that's where your going puppy!!


I think there enough to do a full length coat here!!

I think there's enough to do a full length coat here!!

Again like I said before WE ARE TOTAL GOOFBALLS and love it.  I wanted to roll into Neighbourswith both boys on the leash, but the boys were not convinced that was the best idea.  Oh, I also mutilated a Disney stuffed Dalmation to use as a purse- unstuffed it, added a closure, and Xed out the eye- it was morbid and yet so satisfying.

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