Halloween Costume countdown- 7 days to go

O.K. this costume was comissioned by a friend for Burning Man not Halloween but it is still a costume I like to call Radio-Active Bunny.

So Matius (pictured here) pretty much designed this at the shop.  But Burning Man encourages you to light everything so he found this stuff called electroluminescent wire (EL Wire)which is battery-operated neon wire.  This was my first attempt at ever using it and now I own probably 15 yards of it that I have used in various ways… mostly at burning man.  Totally addictive.  It has changed the look of Burning Man forever!  This is not a very good picture of what this stuff can do because you hardly see the glow but trust me, at night, it’s totally wicked!! 

On a side note- if you ever want to make an adult fuzzy animal costume and don’t want to draft a pattern there is only one commercial pattern that I can find McCalls 8953.  I have made my husband numerous creatures out of this pattern.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume countdown- 7 days to go

  1. I know… burning man costumes are best sewn with friends. There are ALOT of P-town burners… I’m sure there some o’ them that are crafty.

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