Halloween Costume countdown- 11 days to go

While I was going through costume pictures I found one of the first Halloween together back in 1999.  I did not realize that we had a picture of us as Olive Oil and Popeye. 

I forgot how AWFUL Popeye’s muscles look (yeah, that is what that thing on his arm is).  They aren’t even muscles, there just wads of fiberfill crammed into a nylons with crotch cut out for his head.  I am embarrassed that I thought that this was alright.  I remember them looking particularly odd under black lights because the fiberfill glows. 

I am finding this picture is especially fitting because this year I am attempting another built-from-scratch muscle torso (for myself) and I must say my skills has grown by leaps and bounds…

No nipples yet because I have a lady in California covering buttons for me for that just got buttons back and they are too small, but at least I won’t glow like I am radioactive under black lights.  I just feel stronger with this costume on…I just realized one super hero secret, it really is in the costume.  I am not going to be a super hero, or a naked man… but a God of Greek descent so stay tuned!

P.S. If you are wondering… I did promise my husband that I would make the bottom half of the Naked Man costume, big needle sculpted penis, balls and all, for Burning Man 2009.

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