Halloween Costume countdown- 13 days to go


So we live in a neighborhood of white picket fences and manicured yards- there are lots of family and children.  So when my husband said that he wanted to be a naked lady for Halloween I thought that he was joking.  He was not.  Then I found a nude color sweat suit with stirrups and it was on!  I made him a very hairy and nipply naked lady costume complete with butt crack.  When my husband saw the finally product he thought it was great but also requested a silk robe because it is pretty… I don’t know… grotesque!  We finished off the look with a cheap blond wig, some gym socks and black pumps.  Interesting enough, this costume gets a lot of use because of the sheer shock value.  Also interesting my husband get grabbed a lot while in this costume- I think people can’t quite tell that he is a dude!

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