Halloween Costume countdown- 14 days to go

So this is one of my all time favs- I knew that I wanted to be a sea creature.  I went to  the thrift store and bought a bunch of shells and fake ferns.  Then I just started building… made and decorated the corset piece then made the underskirts.  One night I went over to a friend and there they had the mask (the same exact colors of my costume) they bought at the Oregon Country Fair but the fin had broken off.  I fixed the fin in exchange for letting me wear it for Halloween.  Thanks Taz.  IT ROCKS!!

Also the Drama Department at University of Washington has their annual costume sale this Saturday (oh that’s tomorrow) in Hutch Hall, 10-3pm.  Always good for historical stuff and only a little rummaging as the labor.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume countdown- 14 days to go

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