Halloween Cotume countdown 2008

Today I was interviewed for a KIRO 710 news radio morning show.  They were talking about Halloween Costumes and if it is cheaper to make them then to buy them.  I told them I think that it COULD be cheaper… just depends on how creative you want to be and time also plays in to that.  We also talked about how making Halloween costumes is a super way to spend quality time with your children (if that is who the costume is for).  Stop thinking about how much money is disappearing out of your retirement fund and start making Halloween costumes!  Anyways the show should air on Monday morning.

I was going to do a ten day costume count down of some of the costumes that I have been involved in….. but what the hell I’ll start it now.  Soooooo (drum roll) here is the first costume in a fifteen day count down:

OK so the pic is not the best. What is great about this costume (well besides the fact that it is GW Bush piggybacking on a labouring statue of liberty) is that there is absolutely no sewing or special construction talents involved- just some masks, glue, a few rubber bands and lot of creativity.  Why even you could probably figure it out.

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