100 % recycled- new grocery bag and skirt

Kind of recently (like eight months ago) I took a skirt that my friend was getting rid of, it was long and… not really my style but I did need a short denim skirt.  More recently (like two months ago) I made the skirt and I took the bottom of the skirt, cut off enough to make straps, then inverted it, sewed up the bottom, added the straps and voila … another grocery bag.  I did not throw away a single stitch!  Also… great surface to experiment with actual screen printing like this or this (yipee!). 

Some times it pays to be a pack rat!  You know, hanging on to something for eight month before you alter it to a wearable state.  I need to keep reminding myself this because I get overwhelmed by my mess- umm, I mean collections of stuff.  My friend (who was giving away the skirt) has a completely clean and organized house.  I see example after example of cute, well coordinated sewing rooms on the web (see, wren hand made ), and when I look at mine all I see is piles and half done projects.  Are those sewing spaces realistic???  Does actual sewing get done in them??  If so we might be looking at Stepford Wives people!  Do they wear high heels while ironing?

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