Cheers to a new dress!

Cheers to a new dress!

Here is another new dress hot off the presses!  It is a new McCall’s pattern, #M5701.   It O.K.  It’s not super-duper great but not bad… my favorite part is the back:
I really like the fabric even though it is a poly/ rayon blend. 
Lots of sewing ahead because I am trying to finish up an outfit for the State of Washington’s annual “make it in Wool” contest.  I don’t know though… I already think that my plaid matching is just imperfect enough that I should not even complete.  I love the jacket though (imperfect or not)… it has a silk linning with little skulls on it!
Also Halloween is a-coming and boy do I have some work cut out for me… stay tunned.

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