Checkin’ it off!!

through my eyes...

through my eyes...

I am checking things off my list.  It feels good to be checking things off a list even when you know that the list is infinite.  Some how it means that I am making progress in something… what ever that could be.

I listed some stuff on etsy.  You can find it here.  It is about the time to start thinking about Christmas presents, so I had to get some stockings on Etsy.

I posted a whole set of Burning Man pictures  on flickr. This actually took more time then anticipated so I am not going to add the same gallery here just the link.  I also researched the camp behind the black light performance piece I talked about earlier.  The piece is called Chorus of Dreams and it the collaborative of Arche Dreams for Mankind and Eric “E O” Oberthaler, a San Francisco “visionary” and composer.  BRAVO! BRAVO!

Check and check!

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