New silk dress I made for the summer/fall transition

Cute Silk Dress1

Cute Silk Dress1

Since Seattle prolly has like ten good sunny day (if we’re lucky) I have had a hankering to make fall clothes.  This dress was started before I was going to Burning Man and I finished it today.  It is great with boots or sandals, worn by it’s self or with a sweater.  That why its transitional.  It is a brown silk charmeuse with a sun flower-esque print.  Ahhhh, silk charmeuse- feel like your are wearing silk pajamas all day long.  The dress is a model garment for the shop so I won’t be able to wear it for a month while it is on display… but I got all fabric and notions for free.  A free silk dress is a definate perk of the job for an addict like me.

This pattern, Vogue 8469, is a great pattern, I really like how easy it went together.  The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t quite have enough boobs to fit perfectly into the size 10.  I fit exact everywhere else.  I have to wear most illusionary bra to make it look right.  I think that when I get it back from display I will try to steam the butt-u-ty out of it and see if I cannot shrink it a bit.

Oh Yeah, we bough a Westifalia Vanagon… three days before our trip.   He is a real champion, and his name is Kurt Vanagon.  Here is a man and his bus:

dave and kurt dreamin' of adventures

dave and kurt dreamin

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