My own little piece of the Web

O. K. so roughly one year ago I started doing some writing, blogging is the catch phrase… on my Myspace page.  It was easy and convenient and I just wanted to try it out… you know, see if it was for me.  Well, I did it for one whole year.  Now, I think that it is time to put this blog thingy in to kindergarten (so to speak).  I have many more friends and family that are not myspace users then are and I would like them to have access. Also, I have been slowly trying to build myself a web site- (4-5 years and counting).  At some point I would like to use WordPress on my site so I figured that this was a good start.  I am not a website builder by trade but I have an AWESOME tech support division called my husband.  He builds big, beautiful websites for fancy, smancy companies.  Check it out at Amped Multimedia.  I am basically an HTML girl… if you can even call me that.  I built a website for my work-  I am working on the 2.0 version right now.  That is all that is in my portfolio…currently.


So what am I by trade, you ask.  Well…. Let’s see… I am always a work in progress but aren’t we all.  I have been in the textile business for eight-ish years and yes that means I work in a fabric store.  It is NOT just a fabric store but a REAL dressmakers shop, something that is very hard to find these days so you may not even understand what I am talking about (Joann’s is not one).  I love this job.  Everyday I come home and want to sew, unlike when I worked in manufacturing where you sew the same boring shi-stuff all day long and don’t even want to look at a sewing machine when you get home.


I am a self-declared fabric snob and feverishly believe that everyone should be.  And although I understand the value of $37 dollar a yard Liberty of London cotton, I can’t always afford it.  Good fabric is like good champagne, it is smooth, makes you feel warm and fuzzy when working with it, and is totally addictive.  Cheap fabric is like cheap champagne, it just gives you a big fat headache.


So what exactly do I make with fabric? Well I hope to keep a running log here as to what I do on a regular basis.   If you want to see what I have done over the year check out my MySpace blog or go to my flickr Photstream for just some picture of what I like to do.

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